History and Mission

BUETplanners was inaugurated on 7th January 2005 as an association of graduate planners of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Creating a network and a common platform among the graduates of the department of URP, BUET is the main objective of formation of this organization. The first batch in an undergraduate planning program in BUET started in 1995. Each year 30 students can be admitted in the undergraduate program. At the beginning an Ad-hoc committee was formed to materialize the activities of BUETplanners. In 2006, it got an Executive Committee through a general election for its effective functioning.

As an alumni association BUETplanners has always tried to be vocal in any major issues of planning profession. It is closely working with Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP), the national apex body of professional planners. Besides its involvement in professional issues, BUETplanners has arranged different social programs to increase interaction among its members. Reception of graduate planners, arrangement of seminar, Iftar Mahfil, publication of directory, literary and research articles, and arranging picnic and friendly cricket or football matches are some of the programs arranged by BUETplanners. Through these programs the graduate planners got the opportunity to come back to their Alma Mater and meet their fellow graduates in an intimate environment.

BUETplanners has also arranged some programs for the existing planning students at BUET. It has organized seminars on work and study opportunity in foreign countries for planning graduates. It has always tried to increase interaction among the present and past students of the department of URP, BUET.

BUETplanners is also closely working with other alumni associations of planning graduates. On different professional issues it has participated in meetings and discussions with the graduate planners from other universities. BUETplanners is also highly motivated to share ideas and knowledge with the current planning students in KU, JU, CUET, KUET, RUET, and PUST. It is also working with other alumni associations of BUET and professional organizations of Bangladesh to uphold the interest and welfare of the BUET planning graduates.

[Launching Ceremony of BUETplanners on 7 January 2005]

5th Executive Committee (2016 – 2018)

President: Plnr. Mohammad Mazharul Islam (Batch ’97)

Vice President: Plnr. Md. Humayun Kabir (Batch ‘97)

General Secretary: Plnr. Md. Abu Nayeem Shohag (Batch ’99)

Joint Secretary: Plnr. Md. Mazharul Islam (Batch ’00)

Accounts Secretary: Plnr. Md. Rabiul Awal (Batch ’07)

Research & Publication Secretary: Plnr. Md. Mizanur Rahman (Batch ’07)

Information Secretary: Plnr. Rafsun Mashraky (Batch ’09)

Public Relation Secretary: Plnr. Suvodip Singha (Batch ’09)

Event Management Secretary: Plnr. S. M. Maruf Ahmed (Batch ’10)

4th Executive Committee (2014 – 2016)

President: Plnr. Md. Zahid Hasan Siddiquee (Batch ’95)

Vice President: Plnr. M. M. Ashraf Reza Faridy (Batch ‘95)

General Secretary: Plnr. Mohammad Mazharul Islam (Batch ’97)

Joint Secretary: Plnr. Abu Musa Md. Abdullah (Batch ’99)

Information Secretary: Plnr. Muhammad Nazmul Ahsan (Batch ’02)

Public Relation Secretary: Plnr. Mohammad Kamruzzaman (Batch ’01)

Event Management Secretary: Plnr. Md. Rayhanul Islam (Batch ’09)

Accounts Secretary: Plnr. Md. Rabiul Awal (Batch ’07)

Research & Publication Secretary: Plnr. Md. Mamun Chowdhury (Batch ‘03)

3rd Executive Committee (2011 – 2014)

President: Planner Md. Ashraful Islam (Batch ‘97)

Vice President: Planner M. M. Ashraf Reza Faridy (Batch ‘95)

General Secretary: Planner Dr. Afsana Haque (Batch ‘96)

Joint Secretary: Planner Shakil Ahmed (Batch ‘00)

Information Secretary: Planner Md. Mamun Chowdhury (Batch ‘03)

Public Relation Secretary: Planner Bayes Ahmed (Batch ‘02)

Event Management Secretary: Planner Saikat Mitra (Batch ‘01)

Accounts Secretary: Planner Md. Golam Mortoja (Batch ‘01)

Research & Publication Secretary: Planner Naznin Sultana Daisy (Batch ‘05)

2nd Executive Committee (2009 – 2011)

President: Planner A. H. M. Mojammal (Batch ‘95)

General Secretary: Planner Adil Mohammed Khan (Batch ‘97)

Information Secretary: Planner Mohammad Aminul Quaium (Batch ‘01)

Public Relation Secretary: Planner Shakil Ahmed (Batch ‘00)

Event Management Secretary: Planner Debasish Roy Raja (Batch ‘02)

Accounts Secretary: Planner Nandita Basu (Batch ‘99)

1st Executive Committee (2006 – 2009)

President: Planner M. M. Ashraf Reza Faridy (Batch ‘95)

General Secretary: Planner Md. Ashraful Islam (Batch ‘97)

Information Secretary: Planner Md. Shakil Bin Kashem (Batch ’99)

Public Relation Secretary: Planner Md. Abu Nayeem Shohag (Batch ‘99)

Event Management Secretary: Planner Md. Abutalha Talukdar (Batch ‘99)

Accounts Secretary: Planner Fariya Sharmeen (Batch ‘98)

Ad-hoc Committee (2005 – 2006)

President: Planner Mohammad Shahinur Rahman (Batch ’95)


Planner M. M. Ashraf Reza Faridy (Batch ‘95)

Planner Raktim Mitra (Batch ‘96)

Planner Farzana Afreen Propa (Batch ‘96)

Planner Mamum Muntasir Rahman (Batch ‘97)

Planner Ashfarul Islam (Batch ‘97)

The graduate planners of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) met in a general meeting on 13th August, 2004 regarding the formation and other details of an association. The meeting concluded with the following decisions unanimously:

SECTION 1- Status of the Association:

1– The association will be named as “BUETplanners” in agreement of all the graduate planners of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, BUET.

2– Following objectives are set for the association:

2.1 To develop a social platform that will strengthen the interpersonal relationship among all the members of the association.

2.2 To act as a representative body of the graduate planners from BUET regarding professional interests in respective fields of work.

2.3 To work for the welfare of the planning profession in Bangladesh in association with other professional planning organizations.

SECTION 2- Membership:

3Qualification of membership: Persons having a Bachelor degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) will be eligible for the membership of BUETplanners.

4Cancellation of membership: Membership will be cancelled if any member quits willingly or dies. The membership will also be considered cancelled if s/he fails to pay his/her annual fees for two consecutive years.

5Membership fees: Each member of BUETplanners will be subjected to a predefined Annual Membership Fee, to be spent solely for different purposes of the association. In case of special events or situations, members will be requested to pay additional fees with consent of the President of the association.

6Re-membership: Any person can apply for re-membership after cancellation of membership due to 2(4) with a predefined re-membership fee.

7- Life membership: Any member can apply for Life Membership with a predefined fee.


SECTION 3- Organogram:

8– The activities of BUETplanners will be performed under the management of a 9 (nine) members Executive Committee (EC).

[Until the election of the first Executive Committee, an Ad-hoc committee consisting of one Convener and five members, selected anonymously by the members of the association will be responsible to carry out the activities of BUETplanners. The principal tasks of this ad-hoc committee will be to officially launch BUETplanners, organize general election, and continue the regular activities.]

9– The Executive Committee would comprise of one President, one Vice President, one General Secretary (GS), one Joint Secretary (JS) and five Secretaries, namely Information Secretary (IS), Public Relation Secretary (PRS), Event Management Secretary (EMS), Accounts Secretary (AS) and Research & Publication Secretary (RPS). All other members will be recognized as general members of BUETplanners.

10– General Secretary of the immediate preceding executive committee will serve as the Ex-Officio Advisor to the next Executive Committee.

11– The Executive Committee may create sub-committees comprising general members, with consent of the President, to perform any special task as and when necessary.

12– – If any Executive Committee member cannot attend in regular activities of the EC for six (6) months for any personal obligation, EC will distribute his/her responsibilities within themselves with the consent of the president and other members of EC. In this case, if the number of Executive Committee members is more than one, the EC will temporarily co-opt members from its general body.

13- If any Executive Committee member cannot attend in regular activities of the EC for more than six (6) months, the EC will co-opt new member from the general body.

14– All the members of the Executive Committee and general members will be bound to render their services for the benefit of BUETplanners and its members.

15– All the members of the Executive Committee will be bound to report on their activities and other necessary information in the general meetings if and when requested by at least one third members of BUETplanners.

SECTION 4- Election Tenure of the Executive Committee:

16– The Executive Committee of BUETplanners will have tenure of Two Years.

17– The members of the Executive Committee will be Elected from amongst the members of BUETplanners through a General Election participated by the members of BUETplanners.

18– To execute the general election, an Election Commission will be formed at least two months prior to the general election consisting of three members having a Chief Election Commissioner and 02 (two) Election Commissioners from the members of BUETplanners. The election commissioners will be selected in the general meeting, called at least 15 days prior of the meeting with consent of the President, based on one third of the meeting participant members.

19– Members must be notified of the General Election, its overall procedure, available positions and all relevant information at least One Month prior to the election by the Election Commissioners with prior discussion with the Executive Committee.

20– The general election will be held in any favorable date in the month of June of the last year of the tenure of the Executive Committee and the Election Commission will declare the schedule (Tafsil) of the General Election with prior discussion with the Executive Committee.

21– If the General Election cannot be organized in time due to unavoidable circumstances, the existing committee may be requested to continue rendering its service for next thirty (30) days for the benefit of the association with consent of the President and two-third (2/3) of the participant members in an Emergency General Meeting (EGM). Otherwise, the existing committee will be debarred, and at least one third of the participant members of BUETplanners will elect an Election Commissioner to organize the general election.


SECTION 5- Duties and Responsibilities of the Members of the Executive Committee:


22.1 President, by virtue of his/her position, will preside over all the general meetings and executive meetings of BUETplanners.

22.2 S/he will be considered as the guardian of BUETplanners and all its activities.

22.3 S/he will be responsible, jointly with the Accounts Secretary, for all the monetary activities of BUETplanners.

22.4 S/he will decide over the matters of the BUETplanners, unless in special cases, in consultation with other members of the Executive Committee.

22.5 The President may request not more than two non-member persons, who are directly involved in the profession of planning, to serve as advisor to the association for one year.

22.6 In special cases, the President may ask the General Secretary to call Extraordinary General Meeting upon the request of at least one third of the members of the association.


23- Vice President:

23.1 In the case of temporary absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties and functions of the President for that period.

24General Secretary:

24.1 General Secretary, with consent of the President, will call all the meetings and gatherings in due time.

24.2 S/he will present the annual report of all the alumni activities of the previous year in the Annual Gathering.

24.3 S/he will be responsible for implementation of all the decisions made by the Executive Committee.

24.4 S/he will take necessary steps to circulate the information of the meetings to all the members.

25Joint Secretary:

25.1 In the case of temporary absence of the General Secretary, the Joint Secretary shall perform the duties and function of the General Secretary for that period.

26- Information Secretary:

26.1 Information Secretary will disseminate necessary internal information of meetings to all the members.

26.2 S/he will prepare and manage an Information Desk comprising all the necessary information regarding the association and its members.

26.3 S/he will prepare and maintain a Database regarding the personal information of the members.

27- Public Relation Secretary:

27.1 Public Relation Secretary will be responsible for maintaining liaison with other professional organizations and different government and non-government institutions.

27.2 S/he will disseminate all the external information to the members of BUETplanners.


28- Event Management Secretary:

28.1 Event Management Secretary will be responsible to arrange the monthly gathering, annual gathering, other meetings, functions and programs as and when required.

29- Accounts Secretary:

29.1 Accounts Secretary will collect and maintain record of the annual fees of the members of BUETplanners.

29.2 S/he will manage and maintain all financial affairs of BUETplanners.

29.3 S/he will prepare a full-fledged audit report for the General Secretary for presentation in the annual gathering.

30- Research & Publication Secretary:

30.1 S/he will be responsible for all the research works, library services, planning exhibition, publication of newsletter, journal, seminar proceedings, any other publications of the Association along with performance of other duties as may be directed by the Executive Committee from time to time and will prepare a report on his/her activities to be included in the annual presentation of the General Secretary.

SECTION 6- Finance:

31- BUETplanners is a non-profit organization.

32- Main source of finance of BUETplanners will be 2(5), 2(6) and 2(7).

33- Current Executive Committee can raise some additional fund, if necessary, from any other source subject to the prior approval of the President.


SECTION 7- Activities of BUETplanners:

34- General Meeting: There will be a quarterly gathering at any venue previously selected. All the members of BUETplanners will be expected and should be present there.

35- Annual Gathering: There will be an annual gathering in previously selected time, date and venue of every year where the summary of activities and audit report will be presented by the General Secretary (GS). All the members of BUETplanners will be expected and should be present there.

36General Election: A general election will be held every two years after the tenure of the existing Executive Committee on previously selected time and date in the month of June to elect the members of the new Executive Committee of BUETplanners.

37Special Events: BUETplanners will arrange different types of special events such as social gatherings, seminars, symposium etc. from time to time.

SECTION 8- Invitation for Meeting:

38– The General Secretary will invite all the members of BUETplanners for all meetings, gatherings and special events, with consent of the President.

39– In special cases, the President may ask the General Secretary to call Extraordinary General Meeting upon the request of at least one third of the members of the association.


SECTION 9– Others:

40– This constitution is subjected to further amendment, annexation or reduction by the President with the support of two-third majority of the general members of the association. A general meeting will need to be held for this purpose with a prior notice of at least 15 days.

41– In future when the association is Bangladesh Government registered, a Joint Bank Account, signed by the President and Accounts Secretary, will be opened in a National Commercial Bank for the management of the financial activities.

42– Any member of BUETplanners will serve the right to raise any issue, objection or proposal concerning the association’s activities to be discussed in the quarterly gathering or by the Executive Committee. In such cases, s/he will have to inform the Executive Committee at least seven days before the scheduled meeting.

Department of URP, BUET

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) was established in 1962 under the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, for offering Master’s Degree in URP. The academic programme, however, began with the return of three teachers in training from abroad with eight graduate students in 1968. The first batch of seven planners came out in 1972. With a short gap between 1973 and 1976, the department kept on training graduate planners without interruption and produced over 200 planners till 1996.

In view of the need to produce more planners for meeting the growing requirements of Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations as well as Universities and research institutes, the Bachelor’s (BURP) and Ph.D. degree programmes have been introduced in 1996 with approval from the Academic Council and Syndicate of the University.

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning at BUET is primarily concerned with the human settlement development planning at the urban, rural, regional and local   levels.   The activities of the Department focuses on physical, social, economic and political aspects of human settlements and specializes on the subjects like Urban Planning, Rural Planning, Regional Planning, Transportation Planning, Housing, Environmental Planning, Development Planning, etc. It also focuses on physical environment to a broader sense with more explicit concern for social and economic   policies, employment generation, poverty alleviation, income distribution, resource development, political and institutional aspects of development, etc. In brief, the overall activities of the Department are planned to meet the demand for skilled manpower in human settlements planning, development management and other related professional fields by providing a set of widely applicable training and experience and their application to urban, rural and regional problems.

The expertise of the graduates of this Department and other facilities available are utilized to solve the problems of and to provide up-to-date technological knowledge to various organizations of the country. In addition to its own research programs, the Department undertakes research programs sponsored by outside organizations. The Department is persistent in its efforts to improve its research facilities to meet the growing technological challenges confronting the country. Since 2002, the department has moved to its new building in the BUET campus. Now the department functions with the most advanced academic facilities.


C/O, Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP)

Planners Tower (Level-7)

13/A, Bir Uttam C.R. Datta (Sonargaon) Road

Bangla Motor, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

GPO Box: 3793

Phone: +880-2-9667653, 9665223

Fax: +880-2-9665223

E-mail: mazhar_buet97@yahoo.com 

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